Customer Service Response Times

Since opening a new Starling account, I have to say how impressed I have been with the overall service and response times

Non urgent in app messages I’ve had responses within a few hours during the day, and even when I’ve replied later in the afternoon, or evening, they’ve always been replied to by either late afternoon or no later than the next day.

One other query needed a bit longer, but was all sorted very promptly and professionally within 48 hours. Still better than having to be on hold for X amount of time or getting told to go into a branch on a cold day.

I’ve only used live chat a couple of times, and still being impressed but have tended to stick to in-app messages more as my queries have never been urgent as such and I think it’s much better to try and see if you can find answers through the faq help section, and send a message , to keep the in-app chat queue down for those customers who do need to get in touch urgently.

You see a lot of negative reviews online when banks get things wrong so I think it’s even more important to highlight when they get things right.

It’s evident that Starling have put a lot of effort into getting this right and I think they should be commended for it.


Oh, hey Anne :rofl:

This calls for an editorial!