Debit card details disappeared from Halifax app

On 28th September I discovered that I could no longer see my card in the card management section of the app. This means I can not use the card controls anymore and can not see the card long number, expiry, and CVV.
I immediately reached out to support via chat who initially said there was a “duplication of my profile”. Whatever that means I also do not know.
The agent then said it can take up to 10 days for the profiles to be merged.
This morning another agent tells me they can not see any active card on my account so they are asking if I want to order a new card.

The confusing bit is that I still have my physical card and even paid with my card yesterday and the transaction went through successfully. So whose card made the transaction on my account when I have no active one?

I am a bit hesitant to order a new card because I had a similar issue in 2021 and I ordered a new card but still that card was not showing in the app. The issue of 2021 sorted itself months later when I had given up on chasing it up.

Even after de-registering the app, uninstalling and doing a fresh installation, rebooting device still no card details to be seen in the app.

I only use this card a few times a month to meet their £500 card spend requirement for the reward and it has been more convenient for me to just check the app for the CVV since the other details are saved with merchants I usually pay.

I would request that this is escalated to someone more senior. If it’s happened before, there might be some unusual issue that someone is aware of but call centre agents don’t get trained on.


I have filed a formal complaint few minutes ago because I got another weird response.
I have asked a friend with Halifax and she has no problems viewing her details.

Ask to raise a complaint again. Add to the complaint that the adviser ignored your specific request to open a complaint previously. This is a huge no-no and a proper complaints handler will find in your favour and probably pay you any reasonable amount of compensation to avoid it going to the FOS.


I put that in the complaint form. I will re-echo it in case they get in touch with me about the complaint.

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I had a call with the complaints team on Monday morning and they could not figure out why I was having the issue. They tried troubleshooting with me but nothing worked then they said they were to re-escalate to IT department with the details I gave them.
There’s an app update that came out last night, now my details are visible again. Even the option to order new card now works.

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Hard truth, every time a place tries to talk me out of making a complaunt, keep insisting until they acquiesce

The issue has been rectified and complaint upheld.
Problems were arising due to a conflict with a profile from an account I closed in 2019 (was the only account I had with them)
So when I returned to Halifax to open this current account, I couldn’t use the username (already taken) as one I had in 2019. So I just added a 1 at the end and continued with same email, phone number. So the person who handled my case said they were seeing on their end as if I had logged in with the old username. I wonder how that would happen yet these two accounts had never been linked. So on their end they had these two usernames all linked to me (I didn’t know that) but I have no trace of the logins for the first profile though.
They have said they are going to sort the profiles issue and I have chosen to continue with my current username.
Compensation will be in this afternoon.

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