Debit Card for CASS

When switching a joint account - will it ask for two debit cards in most cases :credit_card:?

For my joint account - we only have 1 card as it’s for bills only

When switching to Nationwide in the past - the form didn’t like me not adding a second persons card details

Is this often a problem - or has anyone sailed through this scenario ?

When we CASSed to Barclays they asked for two cards but I’m not actually sure if card details are a requirement for a switch so it might go through without


Cards aren’t really a requirement, as long as the other details match. I’ve switched accounts without proving a debit card number multiple times and it’s never been an issue


Do you remember if there was an option to present no card details for the second account holder?

Ah so you actually pressed ‘next’ without entering anything at all?

I think some forms made me tick a box stating I didn’t have a debit card. Depends on the bank you are switching to. And whether the switch is accepted depends on the bank you are switching from, afaik.

Might just want to try it - worst case it gets rejected and you try again a few days later


Barclays made me video call an advisor to CASS a joint account :woman_facepalming: And since I had the cards at hand I just gave them the numbers

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I can’t say for certain, but I would imagine the card number given is checked against active cards on the account.

Therefore, as long as the form allows you to submit only one card number, it should work. If it forces you to type a card number for each account holder, perhaps the same number twice would work?

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