Deliveroo payment methods

I haven’t used deliveroo in a while but what is going on with the payment methods being offered and where is Google pay? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Could it be under Credit/debit card (I do not use Deliveroo so I don’t know whats there)? I have seen some sites for example Royal Mail offer Google pay or Apple wallet option when you select Credit/debit card option, before that Paypal is the only other option.

You can’t even use WeChat/Alipay here. You need a Chinese ID to use it outside of China, so really they should only be showed to people using the app in Chinese tbh

I have these

So changing the language from default to British has fixed it and Google pay is now an option.

All my other apps are just set to default though :person_shrugging:

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Irritates me to no end that the default language option results in… Alipay/WeChat Pay but no Google Pay

I don’t know how they made that decision or even to limit payment methods by language instead of region