Direct Debits under £1.00

Previously had a DD rejected under £1 by an e money provider.

By way of overpayments and odd timings I have two DDs for £0.42 and £0.69 coming out next month. They’re now set up with a High St Bank (RBS) and are credit related (Credit Card and Comms)

Does anyone have any experience of paying DDs under £1? Any issues or all fine?

Tesco Credit card didn’t call for their DD on my account for two months, instead they showed credits on my account of Small Amount Write Off.

Nearly screwed up my required DDs on a reward current account.

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A long time ago, I had 4 £1 Direct debits set up into a Tesco savings account. It was purely for switching bribes and nothing else. Account now closed, never ran into any issues with those direct debits.

My ISP occasionally takes a direct debit for pennies in accordance with my VOIP usage. Also were fine.

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That’s of reassurance!

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