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Hello there

I know we have a few Honours Degree holders laying around.

Can anyone give me ideas on how they worked out what they wanted to do for their dissertation? I need to think of mine but as I didn’t study on main campus, no one told me to think about it a year ago.

Doesn’t it depend on what you’re studying? I didn’t have to do a dissertation for my BSc (Hons) but that was Maths.

I obviously had to do one for my PhD but that was arranged with the supervisor.

EDIT: I’m getting confused between dissertations and theses, sorry :slight_smile:

Depends on what you’ve been studying? What areas interest you relating to your degree? look at the research already in those areas and any particular subjects or things your have interest in and see where there’s a gap youd be interested in researching. What particular question do you want to answer, will it being anything to the table, is it appropriate enough for a degree level dissertation.

Your idea will need to be agreed with your course lead/supervisor to make sure it’s appropriate, and at the right level.

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Pretty much. The answers from here are likely to be so varied as to not be of use.

And everything @Eden said.

Cyber Security, but I’m on Computer Science as my degree right now. (my final paper will say this).

I would like to do something with Big Data or Computer Vision, but I don’t know the math to do it, I’m fine to learn it.

I was thinking something like: The Utilisation of Big Data Analytics In Healthcare to Improve Pre-emptive Healthcare

I’m not sure if this is more of an MSc topic though, to be honest.

You need to seek guidance from your Supervisor, really, don’t you?

I suspect if you were to say this to them, they’d look askance….

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I’m sorry, can’t help. Most of my qualifications are from the University of Life :laughing:

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That’s a pretty heavy topic, you’d need to know big data quite well, especially if you were going to make some modes and test your question on synthetic data (your uni may be able to give you access to this kind of data but it’s probably way above a bachelors degree level resource).

Is big data (and health) the main focus of your degree?

Remember that it really should be related to what you’ve been studying, if that’s cyber security then you’ll likely find it much more appropriate and easier (in terms of already acquired knowledge) to look at that area.

@Graham is also right, make sure you talk to your supervisor. They should also have a number of topics you can look at as well if you don’t have one of your own.

I can’t pick one until I have a topic area lol

It’s not

My degree has been swapped, it’s BSc Computing (Hons) now.

I did speak to our course manager though, who said it has to be your own research project

Who’s delivering the degree course?

You almost certainly have some assignment criteria, a marking scheme, or some learning outcomes. Whatever topic you choose, make sure you can write something that scores marks. Don’t fall into the trap of choosing a super interesting topic that doesn’t score you marks.


Anyway, I’m afraid I can’t be of much use but best of luck @Recchan :slight_smile:

Did it say something rude as usual? Ignored it ages ago due to it having that tendency

Thanks though, I’ve been thinking about it some and it’s hard to think of how narrow to make it so the research can be decent

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I’d have a think over this, it may not be appropriate to the course but you may also be setting yourself up for failure if your taking on something that’s completely unrelated to what you’ve been learning all this time.

We are allowed to do a pretty wide range of things, the Dissertation Research Methods module leader told us individual lecturers to get in touch with for X/Y/Z subject areas (to be our supervisors, if they like our problem to base our dissertation research on).

Went from Human Factors, Healthcare Computing (on a very wide scale) to Cyber Security, Big Data Analytics and Computer Vision.

This is a top-up degree from FDSc to BSc, so they’re separate.


Sorry for those who’ve witnessed some of the posts here this afternoon. We’re cleaning it up to avoid leaving loose ends. And for now, the thread will remain closed.