Does anyone not use cards anymore?

I never use my cards but still have them on me in my wallet. Does anyone not even bother with a wallet or cards anymore?

I just feel that’s going to backfire one day as it did that one time with Tesco :joy:

I’ve covered those bases. I’ve got a phone case with a space at back for three cards.

Rarely if ever take them out (use ApplePay invariably), but they’re there just in case.

I still use my plastic for most purchases except for Tesco when I flash the payment app. Seems like a right old faff poncing about showing off my extremely expensive iPhone 14 Pro begging for some thieving toe wrag to wrench it out of my hand whilst I’m paying for a pastie.

Oh, regular in M&S then?

Only ever for a pre-ordered Christmas dinner because it’s outstanding.

Like you, I have a phone wallet that has space for 3 cards so it’s just as easy to pull a card out.

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I have my numberless (frozen) Chase card kept in the car for emergency, Apple pay for most of the purchases. For shops that still are not happy with cashless payments I pass by to the next.

Or have your phone stolen by some thieving toe wrag, along with three bank cards :man_facepalming:

Just saying :man_shrugging::joy:

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Just when I thought I was doing something right….:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Never forget Graham, there will always be contributors who will think of an even worse case scenario :joy:

I made a career out of that :rofl:

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You? :smiling_face:

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At one point I did, but after a similar instance with Tesco where neither Monzo nor Apple Pay worked never again.

Always carry my card and in fact rarely don’t use it these days.

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Just abandon it. Anytime a merchant doesn’t want to take my card or can’t accept it they’ve got two options:
a) take my details and give me a call to process it later (what petrol stations normally do when there are outages)
b) I leave the stuff and go

B is my common tactic for little shops that refuse my card and then tell me it’s okay when I tell them it’s card/nothing too tbh , just because they’re pricks about it

I’m the same, if a merchant refused to take my debit card for whatever excuse they chose to use, I’d just dump whatever I’d just picked up off the shelf and walk out.

Yep, exactly what I do. Even if they tell me they’ll take it after

Don’t try to take me for a mug, otherwise I’m out. I do the same with shops for not having disposable bags if I need them, staff unfortunately have the issue but if enough people just started dumping orders instead of eating the L, companies would change

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Have to say I’ve not come across the issue. Apple Pay has been accepted every where I shop. Believe me it’s nowhere posh or trendy, just little shops and pubs in rural Somerset. R-

Somerset, not posh?

Only ever an issue to me when I shop in very small corner shops where the owners are clearly cutting the taxman out of their dues on cash items. Personally, I won’t shop at places like these, because it’s taking me for a ride. I’m paying VAT in your pricing and then you’re just not declaring it.


I never take my wallet or cards out with me. On the rare occasions I need cash I can even arrange that with my phone. My main account is with the Royal Bank and the app can generate a code I can use to withdraw cash at any RBS/NatWest or Tesco ATM.

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For @Graham :joy:

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Aaaaarrrrgghhh :flushed: