Does this community have 'slow mode'?

I really hope it doesn’t :pray: There is zero benefit to restricting a discussion that is flowing really nicely and forcing it to a crawl.

Not been invoked yet :grin:

Slow mode is a feature of Discourse, so yes - we do have it, but hopefully won’t need to use it

I would totally have put this thread in slow mode (for a while) instead of writing a response. Good thing I’m not a mod then? :laughing:

It has actually :grimacing: (though only for a short time)

Are you able to add a thumbs-up emoji?

Certainly can! You thinking as well as the heart, or instead of?

I think like & heart are different, but either or really

Just feels weird to have thumbs-up and no thumbs down <— other way around

Would also be great if you could look into the performance when scrolling on mobile? I’ve noticed when I’m scrolling I’m accidentally hovering enough that it triggers the modal and stops me from scrolling properly (and when I Finally do get off it likes the post, so. I have to unlike it)

Consider it done! :slight_smile:

Not come across the mobile issue myself. Will take a look into this as it’s a Discourse plugin, so may need to raise it over on their forum.

How exactly do reactions work @Mathew? Are they entirely separate to likes, or does a thumbs up add the equivalent of 1 heart to that user’s stats, and a thumbs down take one away (I notice thumbs down is called ‘-1’)?

Edit: …and thumbs up is called ‘+1’, so suggests that they’re adding/subtracting to/from something :thinking:

+1 and -1 are just the names of the emojis in Discourse
:+1: is :+1: for example.

Just looking for the details. I’m sure I’ve seen a post about them counting, but need to try and dig it out

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Ok, so it seems only the main reaction (the heart) counts towards likes

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Interesting, I don’t really like that and would prefer all reactions to count, although I’m not sure how it might work. There might need to be some changes to Discourse more widely, if that were the case, so maybe it’s easier said than done.

I have been using the other reactions sometimes in place of a heart just because I’ve run out of likes, and I certainly don’t think a thumbs-up should be worth “less than” a heart.

Maybe I should read through that thread a bit more to see the logic behind it.

Also, this probably isn’t the place to raise it, but before other reactions were turned on then running out of likes showed something like “you can like posts again in 17 minutes” but now it always counts the time in seconds? It can be a bit difficult to work out how long that actually is in terms of hours or minutes. I don’t know what’s causing it, but ideally it would be good if it could be changed back to normal time (it seems to be a side effect of the reactions, so maybe it’s not even an option)?

I did actually post in the thread I linked to about changing the time, but so far, no response. But it can certainly be changed back to minutes, if that’s an option (no idea if it is or not)

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I didn’t notice that, but only skim-read what was there.

Minutes were better, but originally it seemed to be a kind of relative time. If it was 13 hours and 3 minutes, that is what it would say, or if it was 5 minutes it would say 5 minutes. It would be undesirable to have hard-coded minutes really, almost as much as hard-coded seconds, when relative time worked well.

Can you add any emoji? Can we have an :eggplant: or a :poop: just for fun?

Surely an :roll_eyes: or a :upside_down_face:?

I think :upside_down_face: and :roll_eyes: can be a lot more expressive than :-1: at times