DVLA : Scam

New one on me. R-

It’s called a Driving Licence not Motoring License plus the GOV.UK logo is misshapen.
Two immediate red flags to me

Had this today just deleted it

Remarkable!! :man_facepalming:

The email itself is so unbelievably crap, it defies belief. I get it, some folks will be gullible enough to fall for it, but the most immediate red flag straight off is: Dear Customer.

Then there is no actual Driving Licence number belonging to the recipient.

Upshot is, DVLA don’t send out emails like that to anyone at any time, and certainly none which don’t even contain so much as the official DVLA main switchboard telephone number.

I guess though it is all about catching the tired and gullible and those with an abnormal fear of ignoring anything that remotely looks “Official”.

Well, that’s me updated. Oh ye of little faith :relieved:

One thing I’m seeing more of is emails coming from addresses likes “zohomail” or Salesforce. It’s as clear as day in the from address.

Even moreso when the reply-to address is a Hotmail or Outlook address.

I just signed up for the new DVLA driver service. Easy enough, all my driver info in one place, added my car. Simples.

They should link it to a Gov.UK account instead of making you have a HMRC account, DVLA account etc

Time to modernise government. They could even have you login via key exchange underpinned by an identity card (or even a new style drivers licence that contains this data) like they do in Estonia, Lithuania etc


I absolutely agree. There should be a one stop Gov shop that links all your data. Horrific for the 1984 lot, but for me personally, a disciple of the very State who pay me a fabulous final salary pension and have my DNA on file in an anonymous vault in the Home Counties, that would be right up my street :+1:

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You’ll be chuffed to know I’m ending the conversation from my perspective now before it gets out of hand. And finally, as much as it saddens me to do so, I have a reason to use the mute button :+1:

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Agree, although I don’t think I have any of this on my UK file, I definitely have my fingerprints and face scan with the Chinese

The U.S Department of Homeland Security definitely have mine :laughing: along with millions of others who visit the U.S every year. Fingerprinted and retinal scanned every time I’ve been in :+1:

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