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I’ve just seen this subject raised on the Monzo forum and I think it deserves a mention on this site too.

I recently moved after many years of being on the Electoral Roll at my previous address. Prior to leaving my former home, I contacted my local electoral roll officer and I explained I was moving. They immediately pointed me to the correct place to go on the U.K. Gov website where you can just fill in your details of where you’ve moved to and the ‘system’ takes care of the rest. And in my experience, it works very well. Within 4 weeks, we had recevied our poll cards for the local elections and were able to vote. It does of course help massively registering for Council Tax liability at the same time.

For those unaware, there are two versions of the Electoral Roll, one list that is not for sale to the general public, and the Open register which anyone can buy. We always choose to OPT OUT of the open register.

Also, CreditKarma are now showing my Wife and I as being on the electoral roll at our new address. Experian has not yet caught up and I haven’t checked Equifax as yet, but I’m guessing it will only be a matter of time before they too show us at our new location.

There has been no adverse effect that we can see on our credit file as a result of the move.

I remember when I last moved house my credit score dipped for about 3 months for what I believe was due to my change of address

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And I’m sure it happens. As you know, credit scores are so fickle, it defies belief.

The Electoral Roll Officer said that re-registering to vote using the system they recommend, ensures a seamless transition and doesn’t actually cause a ‘break’ in how long you’ve been on the electoral roll, but looking at our credit file, it clearly does show the lack of time we’ve been at our new address. The difference between an actual ‘break’ and seamless transition and how that correlates to one’s credit file, I have no idea.

I’m assuming then that you consistently fail to respond to household canvassing forms delivered to your address? At the end of the day, that is your business, but personally, I can’t see any harm in being on the Electoral Roll.

I’ve noticed this that being on the electoral roll doesn’t really seem to matter in regards to getting credit.

A lot of people don’t seem to bother with it and have no issues.

Which is absolutely fine if you choose not to vote. My only caveat on that is, whether you choose to agree with my view or otherwise, if a Government gets into power and makes decisions on your behalf which you would otherwise not agree with anyway, you genuinely have absolutely no right to moan about what direction they take. I’ve voted my entire adult life. You don’t always get what you want, but at least I’ve had a say in what I put on a form whether it makes a difference or otherwise.

You of course also escape ever being called up for Jury service.


I only voted because my local MP came to the door and said people died so you could vote :grimacing:

I haven’t voted since because I know who’s going to win and its the party I want to win so there’s really no point.

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I doubt their stance on many issues will change but even if they did I just can’t support any other party. I strongly disagree with most other parties policies.

Until they don’t ….:flushed:


And it would still mean nothing :rofl::joy::rofl:

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My Experian score is also 999 and it means bog all. Indeed, I’m not even sure why it’s as high as it is.

I think my Transunion score is probably more accurate

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I think the fact that mine will never be 999 because I don’t have a mortgage is further proof that it’s all just a trap designed to get us into debt and control us. Probably why Bill Gates needs to install trackers using Covid vaccines… I was reading that during the lock down the UK population paid back more the £16bn in personal debt… These companies are starting to lose control

Disclaimer… Whilst I think Credit agencies are a scam designed to push people to debt my tongue was firmly planted in my cheek when I mentioned Bill Gates and Covid :rofl:


I don’t have a mortgage and had a score of 999 until a couple of months ago (it dropped when I opened a new credit account).

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Doesn’t matter if you’re on the opt out list or not.

Licensed CRAs are allowed to buy the full register for use, they’re just not allowed to sell your details onwards if you’ve opted out.

Edit - now I think I’ve read the post wrong :sweat_smile: I’m going back to bed


Same here. 999 with Experian. No mortgage. Just credit, overdrafts, contracts, and bills.


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