Energy prices

That’s not how I interpret that statement but it would make more sense.


Energy bills rise for 2.5 million homes on Economy 7 Energy bills rise for 2.5 million homes on Economy 7 - BBC News

So, is anyone on this forum taking part in the energy reduction campaign currently being trialled?

I’m with BG but sadly I have not been invited to take part. I’m guessing it’s because I’m still getting free electricity due to the monthly rebate. Almost £40 in credit and on track to likely get a full six months of free electricity. I’d save even more if BG had invited me to take part because we’d have just delayed our evening meal for an hour and quite literally just sat there in the dark with everything switched off. Spoil sports!

We’d be the same as you but not had anything from Bulb. Everything off besides the internet. Charge up you battery devices beforehand, including the battery packs, because some numskull will no doubt forget.

Given your usage is already so low, I’m not sure how you could possibly save much more to get the most out of it.

Not had anything from our supplier, but did opt-in through Hugo. Tonight was the third one we’ve done but getting very little back out of them

Yeah. I have already been doing it with Octopus since last November:

I’m also pretty much covered by the rebate so I’m not sure why BG aren’t inviting you :frowning:

It’s more about reducing demand nationally than how much credit you have or how much you use. As has been said if your usage normally is that low you are unlikely to gain anything from participating in this scheme, you are already doing your bit.
We are doing our third one tonight. The first one rebated us £0.26 [so we are quite energy use aware it seems] and now awaiting last nights results. I understand that first session meant that one power station could have been switched off. R-

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The methodology behind how the rebate is calculated is shown here. R-


For those unaware, customers of M&S Energy will be with Octopus from 1 April 2023

M&S has always been ran by octopus energy I think

September 2018 they joined forces.

It was SSE up to a few years ago:
M&S Energy ends partnership with SSE – shining a light on its big six tie-up (

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Crazy. They must just be giving up completely on it. Maybe it’s too costly for the retailer.

M&S didn’t do anything. Octopus paid for use of their brand and promotional opportunities, including in store.

The model for this would have been one or more of revenue share, referral commission or straight up fixed payments.

Almost nobody (comparatively) is changing suppliers, no money is being made and regardless, via Avro and Bulb, Octopus have acquired themselves in to a position that their market share is huge.

If somebody else will offer M&S money for use of their brand I’m sure they’ll do it once again.

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That would make sense only all M&s energy customers are being moved over to octopus? So wouldn’t it be a case that another supplier takes over the brand. Or am I misunderstanding.

They’re already Octopus customers. The only difference will be the brand on their bills.

Exactly the same as when their previous arrangement with SSE ended.

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Oh I see. I’m thinking they wre m&S customers being swooped. That’s where I was misunderstood. Thanks

Ooh, yes please :grin:

Good on Octopus for not demanding repayment.

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So, out of the blue today, I’ve had an email from British Gas to take part in the electricity peak reduction trial.

I have to admit, as I’ve been getting free electricity via the monthly rebate since the Government introduced it purely because we only use around £58 a month of electric, I’m surprised they’ve contacted us to take part. We’re also now just shy of £40 in credit solely due to the rebate. Just to reiterate, we pay by monthly variable direct debit because I refuse point blank to pay a fixed monthly direct debit.

I have no idea how much we’ll save because we’re already tight wads as it is :joy: Obviously all the information BG will collect via our smart meter as they already do. I guess I should just count ourselves fortunate enough to be invited to take part.