Energy prices

Hey, don’t be hard on yourself :joy:

That does sound like it could be quite lucrative for you considering your already being covered by the rebate bill they be giving you anything back for it?

Well yes, they claim they’ll pay us if we reduce our usage during the published peak save times. We don’t mind switching everything off bar the fridge freezer for a pair of hours.

I guess we’re very lucky, my Wife and I are no way in trouble with our energy bills but we know people who are really struggling.

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Well as I’m sure most here have heard, it is starting to look like the Government are going to extend the current rebate scheme for another 3 months at least after March. More than happy for them to bring that on! Indeed, if they do that, I will then get a full ten months of free electricity because the tenner a month left over in credit from the rebate each month will stretch it out that far.

It’s almost ludicrous in some respects, that in the past few months when many people have been struggling just to keep warm paying through the nose on pre-payment meters, that some of us are paying literally nothing to the point at which after a year, my annual total energy spend will be less than what it was before the energy crisis started last year. Some things in life make little sense.

Just a note to say that they are not continuing the £67 credit each month, just keeping the current EPG in place, which caps the cost of gas and electricity.


Yes, I did see that about the EPG. I of course may have completely misinterpreted this particular news piece regarding what some energy providers might be doing with bills:

Energy Price Guarantee expected to continue at same level in April - BBC News

I think it’s this paragraph that has confused me!

‘However, industry sources told the BBC that some energy companies have already started amending future bills to reflect that energy help will continue at or very near to current levels beyond 1 April’.

No intention on my part to mislead anyone with regards to the rebate and if it came across that way, I can only apologise.

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Some people gamed the system

Yes, there’s been much gloating about this on a number of fora. I only signed up for 3 sessions and made a grand total of 52p :slightly_smiling_face:

Back to my favourite subject again :laughing:

Just done a bit of a price comparison which concluded that my current relationship with British Gas should in fact, continue.

Interestingly, EoN claims via their quotation site that my property has no record of any gas supply at my address and yet my gas smart meter is fully functioning and registered on the DCC network :thinking: Also, the Bright App knows I have a gas supply, so how another major energy supplier has no record of it, is beyond me!

Anyway, British Gas it will continue to be then. I’m still quite pleased that we managed almost 7 months free electricity over the most expensive energy crisis we’ve had in years. That Government rebate was much welcomed!


By wantonly and selectively mis-quoting you, I’ll deduce that your much-applauded low energy bills are at least partly due to you pinching next doors gas !

Just saying….


Well that explains that!

Theirs is the only situation I’m aware of where they’ve actually come out of this rather well without luckily being on a perfectly timed long term fix that has yet to end.

Makes me feel a bit better about my bills now! :sweat_smile:

Just the standing charges alone eat up a good 25 to 35% of that £66 payment.

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This is me. Helpful Octopus November 2021 v1. Still paying ~18p per KwH leccy and 4.2p for gas.

Helpful indeed! A member on MSE discovered it - it was a tariff that they quietly added to their tariffs page while their site was still in ‘don’t switch now’ mode. Telesales wouldn’t help me but Twitter team did. They even let me move my gas over to join the same tariff somewhat later (I think the cap rate at the time was 3.8p).

MSE Forums isn’t without its problems but used well it can save big - by my fag paper maths I reckon this wonderful user saved me £3k in this instance (vs paying the capped/guarantee rates).


So, Shell Energy putting themselves up for sale:

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I’ll be watching with interest….:thinking:

Well I’ve had an email from British Gas informing me of forthcoming cheaper energy prices. Looks like the savings will be quite significant to what we’re currently paying for electricity. As it’s summer, our gas usage has dropped through the floor, so not bothered anyway.

Did they not provide the cost per kwh and standing charge?

I looked at it briefly to be honest. The horrendous rip off daily standing charges for both gas and electric are the same, it’s just the unit rates will be coming down. Gas will be 7.608p per kWh and electric 30.295p per kWh. Approximately combined saving of around £180, so probably not a significant amount of you’re quite wealthy :laughing:

All that aside, I’m signed up to British Gas Peak save summer Sunday, half price electric every Sunday between 11am and 4pm until the end of the summer :+1:

Yep, nothing less than a rip-off.

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7.6 and 30 are the new standard rates which all suppliers should be offering.

Don’t think that BG are being generous with the half price summer saver, this is what I will pay tomorrow on Octopus Agile

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Also on Agile and mine’s slightly less than that, dipping just below 1p/kWh (East Midlands).

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