etoro Money card - views and opinions

Hello, been a lurker on the forum for a few weeks and just joined.

Does anyone have the etoro Money card? How does it stack up to the likes of Starling, Monzo etc. I am not sure if the card is of any use in the UK as etoro funds are based in USD. But really just looking for views and opinions on the card for the UK - I guess it’s quite fintech innovative to have a company with a General Investment Account that also can give users a bank card to drawdown invested funds from? I don’t think there are other companies doing that but not sure although the reputation of etoro seems to be quite mixed online, not sure why - maybe a regulation thing but I think they are FCA regulated.

Thank you

Some reviews

"The Worst Customer Service ever I’ve seen. They keep me waiting for 2 months for an ID check. I could not open any position to manage the portfolio. Contacted many times with live chats and emails and every time they told me they take care of it but nothing happened. After two months of waiting, I had to close all open positions and loos money. they restrict my account so I can not withdraw my money.

Do not open any account in Etoro."

"I deposited money. They didn’t credit it to my account. I had to chase their support for 2 whole months to get my money bank. Apparently their bank wasn’t releasing funds back to customers. And this whole time they kept me in the dark until I tweeted about this to their CEO on Twitter, and then this must’ve hit someone’s radar. Some other support folks got in touch and eventually found the source of the problem, and then I received the money back in a matter of days.

Stay well clear of eToro is my advice."

They took 150.00 from me, and would not give it back. Do NOT give your banking information to these people. They are supposed to be a legit company, but they are not. It is impossible to get In touch with customer service.”

But apart from that, worth a punt? :joy: