Extinction Rebellion Protests

So because it happened once to you, that’s enough proof that nobody could ever be harmed by a car at a low speed?

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Honestly I think you should just leave it there.

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I think they’re just a generally nice person with no extreme views whatsoever

Or, you know, there are people with disabilities who may not spot it in time or might not be able to react in time. In any case, 5mph is still pretty fast when you’re talking about a 1.5t death machine

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Even more reason why they shouldn’t be blocking a road, glad we agree

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Who hurt you?

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I’m quite simply holding my head in my hands reading this tripe. I thought this forum was better than this.

Not a great deal else to be said really.


All this talk of low pay, benefit sanctions, expensive prepaid utility meters…

This should draw these systems into question moreso than XR direct action. The latter is just exacerbating an existing problem, every now and again… Direct action isn’t the worst strategy, there will have been things achieved that stopped people commuting one day…

The issue with extinction rebellion is that their focus is far too politicised & middle class orientated. They make some okayish points about Banks investment strategies, but taking a loan and not paying it back is middle class privilege.

Some of these criticisms are valid of extinction rebellion, but not direct action as a strategy on the whole

“Direct action” is a farce and we should treat it the same way the Chinese and Russians do.

If you want to solve issues, work out how and present a plan. XR is plagued with demands but without anyone willing to sit down and work out how exactly they’d be doing it. Net zero by 2025? Really?

Personally remember the time they blocked the free press with bamboo structures, which is a direct attack on our democracy based on them disliking what was printed. This should be considered treason.

All they’re doing is costing the taxpayer money to send police there and exacerbating other issues that we should be fixing.

I don’t get what is wrong with my premise that is going through this entire thread: if they are only willing to harass people and block the press to get their point across, we should treat them as what they resemble domestic terrorists, attacking our free press and transport.

I think I’ll leave the thread here though as clearly this is a place of valuing the rights of the minority at the expense of the majority

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Set up shop there and post online as you do on here…you won’t last long…

Rosa Parks on the bus is an example of non violent direct action, with genuine positive consequences. There are endless others, but I won’t waste my time listing them.

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Considering I agree with the approach they take I imagine they’d be quite happy with my presence


Feel free to move there then. But I expect they’d be less tolerant with all the things you feel like saying on the internet

Valuing the rights of the majority at the expense of the minority is a slippery slope, though. How do you define a minority and whom do you include?

It is possible to value the rights of both, incidentally…

They don’t care what the individual thinks, the individual is not really of any importance

Unfortunately when the minority don’t respect the fact that they’re a minority and use the protections we grant them as a tool to be about to be able to spit back at us, is the time we remove those or at the very least, which is what part of the new amendments to protests and policing will include, limit their protections by our rights as the majority

In other words, should the protest be disruptive it can be disbanded. And there should if I recall rightly, be teeth for the police to score actual convictions against these people, so we don’t waste money to let them back out again.

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I think it’s fair to say this thread has run its course, and not the best one at that. On that note, I’m going to lock this thread.