Extinction Rebellion Protests

A little tongue in cheek, but it gave us a laugh.

How on Earth do they think this will have any effect when thousands of regular folk do that to the roads of almost every tourist destination in the UK most summer weekends?

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If this country knew any better we’d have turned a blind eye and let the officers shield wall them into the Thames, tbh

My main issue is they throw demands without any sustainability or suggestions on how to meet them without complete economic shutdown

For example, I would propose we issue a “Green Bond” worth £50bn over its total issue and allowed those over the world to purchase it. Gives us a budget to build Thorium Reactors.

Then we can nationalise energy and produce it for cheaper than we currently could, while meeting peak capacity with no energy imports. We could also sell it cheaper to U.K. consumers while simultaneously making money to pay that bond principle sum back + interest.

Then we can slowly and surely build renewable sources to add to that grid.

Thorium based reactors are safe (the process of meltdown starting would stop further reaction), they produce cheaper energy than conventional nuclear reactors (uranium), they can’t be turned into nuclear weapons and thorium is very abundant.

Pair that with bringing production back to the U.K. with our newly improved grid to stop shadow exporting our emissions to China and bingo, we’ve done a great thing and we’ve borrowed less than we did during COVID for 3 months.

Also, it’s a lot cheaper to maintain thorium reactors etc. the cost savings are about 90% of what a uranium based reactor would cost to maintain ($5m vs $50m)

I know it’s unlikely that anyone is interested but generally I am compiling a set of ideas that a country of our size and economic strength could adopt to free ourselves from the tug of war of the US/China and their fight for economic dominance, it would be neat to get some thoughts on it. If it makes enough sense I’d like to try go somewhere with it, although I’m not sure where

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Fully agree with you there.
Left to them we’d all be living in mud huts and riding donkeys :joy:

Unfortunately, us “minions” can see solutions, but they would never be listened to.


This is what irks me about Thunberg and the likes. Stay in school. Become really good at science or electronic engineering and work out how to bring your vision to an end, rather than being happy to talk about it without any idea on how to get to it.

I just go back to the people we used to have in this country, Churchill, Turing, Ada Lovelace etc who all had such a strong vision of where they should be (or in Churchill’s case where we should be) and they recognised that if no one else would envision the actual journey, it would never happen.

We’ve lost the mettle in this country and globally to be able to stand to hard challenges due to generations of mollycoddling

A really good example is XR and Greenpeace etc who want to use public shaming and carbon taxes to encourage industry to adapt, instead of going to invent or use their platform to attract funds to develop new GreenTech to make the former method of oil field exploration and gas burning obsolete.

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I liked the law Kentucky was looking to pass that allowed people to slowly drive into protestors with the basic stance of “why are you on the road, stop being a twat” (like 5mph if you get stuck under the car you should have moved kinda law)


Good to hear I’m not on my own being against this XR rubbish :grin:


I just wish the anti-vaxxers weren’t also in this camp. Making us look bad by association

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I have this morning @Recchan read your recent posts and was pleased to see a way past the “this is so big I can’t grasp it” quagmire I, and I suspect others, find ourselves. XR’s attempts at raising awareness is one thing but without a pathway forward all it does, for me anyway, is get me stuck in thinking about the waste of time, effort and money such demonstrations are and not the solution.

May I ask, and this is genuine lack of knowledge, why if Thorium is so plentiful, cheap to utilise and maintain UKGOV have not considered using it? If you know.


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The basic thing of why Uranium was preferred over Thorium is that Uranium byproduct from reactors can be used for nuclear warheads, which is very useful for big states.

India is planning to power 30% of its grid with Thorium Reactors by 2050 iirc, too; but India is a much larger country geographically as well as having a much larger population so it may not be as viable to immediately borrow considering the Indian GDP is I believe not as strong as the British one + they would likely need a lot more power especially at peak

Besides that my only guess is that the U.K. government is ran by donkeys. I’m a full support of unelected ministers that are experts in their field, appointed by the elected prime minister.

Obviously I know that just that is only part of a solution, as for example airplanes can’t just hook into our grid and battery tech is also a nightmare for disposal and not very eco

But, it’s a start, right? If we mobilised our states heavy wealth we could tackle these issues. We could even give out business grants and offer to buy the rights to the technology for X value and then license it to other wealthy nations and give it to all poor ones for free.

Killing them’s a tad harsh though :flushed:

I think generating aggro is very much their strategy. They want to make as much of a nuisance on the streets, in the courts, anywhere, as possible to keep “extinction” in the headlines

Any chance we can keep this civil and humane, and not advocate driving vehicles into people, @Recchan and @anon8332849?

Even in jest, this is distasteful. Go and watch what it looks like on YouTube when vehicles drive into human bodies. It’s not pleasant, even at slow speeds.


This reminds me of the XR protests in leeds where they found 90% of them travelled by Petrol or Diesel Cars… and the fact the co-founder of XR drives a massive gas guzzling 4x4

They will all be having there Avocado on Toast and drinking peruvian coffee… hhhmmm

They are hypocrites… we all need to do our bit to reduce the reliance on Fossil Fuels and use more sustainable methods for day to day things…

But blocking people going to work, ambulances taking critically ill patients to hospital, is not the way to do it… and loses people who may support the cause

Hopefully Boris’ reforms on this kind of performative activism protesting will get through Parliament

I can assure you that driving vehicles into someone at 3-5mph is not going to hurt them in any way, if it does they meant for you to hurt them and your ethics on it should equate to those on your ethics with assisted suicide. If they don’t move while a car is coming at them that slowly, they want to die. Let them do what they want

The avocado industry actually has some quite unpleasant problems arise of it where avocados are mass produced btw, iirc. In the context of environmental issues

My way to net zero food is lab grown meat, rather than veganism. But then again, I think cattle farming in general probably is a bad thing especially if we remove natural selection out of the process of cows entirely, by using one specimen to regrow meat from

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So we should assist their suicide because the protestors block a road? Drive into them, or throw them in the Thames? Gross.

Throwing them in the Thames won’t kill them, just make them a tad soggy and hopefully will inform them that it’s not okay to use their right to protest to infringe on the rights of everyone else. If they can’t swim, volunteer to go throw them one of those floats.

You seem to be oblivious to the fact that people need to earn a living and keep their jobs. Just because some filthy hippies are middle class enough and benefit from the bank of Mum & Dad’s infinite loan program so they can scrounge and waste the oxygen they so desperately want to protect, it doesn’t mean the people who needed to get to work that day on a Zero Hour got the money they needed to top-up their electric metre. Or to feed their kids.

It also doesn’t mean that the people who turned up late didn’t get scolded. It also doesn’t mean that people aren’t going to have their UC sanctioned for not attending their job centre meeting.

People like you seem to miss the fact they are very literally causing great anguish in peoples life, if someone were to make your kid go hungry for the night I’m sure you’d quite rightly drive your car at 5mph and if they don’t move out of the way in time, sucks for them.

For some reason it seems like everyone is void of the ability to take an overlook of a situation these days and accept and acknowledge that maybe we should think about the 99% who are going to have a plethora of issues that we can’t all consider that vary from missing an appointment to quite literally potential death, instead of the 1% of unwashed middle class hippies scrounging off someone whether it be the state or their families throwing a tantrum without providing solutions

The more I read of Recchan’s posts, the more I think it’s a parody account :grin:


I don’t think it’s appropriate to make this sort of claim on a public forum - well, at least not on this forum. How you know what damage a vehicle would do to different people travelling at slow speeds is beyond me. Regardless, can we keep this on topic?


What? A car hitting someone can easily knock them over and bang their head.

When I clicked on this thread I fully expected you to be being you, but didn’t think it would be this way around.


At 3-5mph when you have ample time to see it coming, you’d literally just sit on the bonnet. I’ve had it happen to me. didn’t see it coming though, bastard was checking into a parking space and swung in