Facebook is down!

Worldwide outage apparently……:flushed:


As is Instagram and WhatsApp apparently.

Owned by Facebook too, aren’t they?

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Yes. Apparently they remotely pushed a config change which took their BGP routes down and locked themselves out of the switches/routers. No technical staff at the datacentre because of the pandemic, but once staff arrived their security cards wouldn’t work :man_facepalming:

So glad I’m retired and out of that game, now :slight_smile:


What does half of this mean in layman’s terms, please?

A network engineer screwed up, basically, and took FB’s entire network down. It was done remotely so they couldn’t get back in to fix it.


In other words someone screwed up and is getting fired!!! :joy:

Looks like FB HQ :smiley:


It’s broke

Couldn’t have happened to a nicer company!

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  • This has ruined my life today
  • I haven’t even noticed
  • It’s affected me, but hardly much

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What a joke :joy:

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Are they kidding?

I used phone and SMS to keep in touch, while WhatsApp offline.

My contact with the world does not revolve around their apps :joy::rofl:

Had I not had a technical interest in their issues it wouldn’t have affected me at all.

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