FCA to remove (elements of) the 90 day refresh requirement from Open Banking

This article from FinExtra says the FCA is planning to remove the 90 day re-authentication requirement for Open Banking, but still require for a 90 day reminder about the data sharing that is in place.


Thank god! Some of my accounts less visited are a pita to resync


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It’s like they’d never used the internet before… or technology. A reminder is definitely better than cutting it off all the time


Did Grogu say, “Reconsider this post, you must” :rofl:

Nah. I didn’t mean to delete but what I’d meant to add was has this gone into place cos my open banking still expired

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No, I don’t believe any changes have yet been made.

First a consultation had to take place, which I believe has now finished, but there is also a need for an agreed period to prepare for the changes on a technical level - so that will take some additional time.

I’m not sure if a final date for the change has been agreed yet or not?

Makes sense. I only have my Santander account linked it’s just annoying keep re-linking it lol


Anything streetwide or standard altering is going to be a very slow rollout indeed. I’d be surprised if we see it this year.

It would be nice to not have to re-enroll all my apps 4+ times a year though.

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