Fed-up savers may test their luck in prize draws with rates so low

The Nationwide Building Society has announced it is to launch a prize draw for its members in England, Wales and Scotland from September.

The UK’s largest building society is pitting itself against rival, the Halifax, as well as Premium Bonds.

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Reasonable news to wake up to.

I have multiple products with Nationwide, so I’m in :grin:

Not that I expect to win anything mind.

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I’m surprised that anyone is eligible, regardless of their balances with Nationwide. If I hadn’t just opened another account, I’d give this a go

I wish they’d have made it a minimum balance of 2k or something, feels a bit eh that everyone is included but if this is to return to savers… people with £1 aren’t really saving? lol

If it’s to give genuine users a better chance of doing well and some spare pocket money, then surely it should be for people with an account in use + in the red (overdraft) or with a positive balance that isn’t £1 and that changes