Fintech Beta Programmes

Hey all!

Do any of you have experience participating in beta programmes for fintech products? I am doing some research into how they’re run and would love to hear about your experience.

Curious about

  • How you found out about it/how you were recruited.

  • What testing was required of you.

  • How you shared feedback.

Thanks so much in advance!

  1. All the programs I participate in I happened to use the app for, during the early stages
  2. It was all just programs where you’d use the app as normal and provide bug reports when something you needed didn’t work
  3. Either a) with support or b) using Testflight or Google Play’s reporting mechanism.

Ditto for me, exactly the same experience.

There were also surveys of forum threads for informal feedback to be provided.

Hey Seb! I’d love to hear more about these companies. Do you mind sharing who they are?

Would love to have a look at the community threads and surveys.

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Thank you so much! Would you mind sharing what companies you test for?

Do you prefer sharing feedback manually or via the testflight/google play method?

I have beta apps for Curve, Revolut

I prefer using Testflight to submit, but I dislike that it requires an image upload.