Fintechtalk closure - what happened to personal data?

Not sure if this is better placed in an existing thread. Feel free to move if so……

Does anyone know what happened to any personal data in accounts (email address, name, dob, etc) when the forum stopped operating?

I don’t think members ever received an email about the cessation and any wind down process, and I don’t know how to contact the owner.

Am wondering if the accounts were purged or if the data is still sitting on a server???

Liam was a single actor so I don’t think there’s much in a way of windup etc, probably just nuked everything and that’s your lot


Would be good to be sure. Was hoping someone on here might know him and could ask.

You can always ask him yourself:


Though having not been on the forum for the last six months, would he even see any message???

He’ll probably get an email notification if you PM him.

Thanks. Will do

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