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Out of curiosity, I know some people on here travel quite a bit

If my airline delays in a manner that fucks me on transportation home, am I entitled to anything? So far the delay is about 33m landing, if it goes over an hour I’m stuck in Heathrow for the night provided there’s nothing they’re required to do for me :sweat:

I wouldn’t ask, but I’ve been delayed an hour coming here so I want to know in advance if I just have to beg them and pray or if there’s actually an obligation to make sure I can get home or at least have somewhere safe to rest

Check the airlines rules on delays. Sometimes these can be somewhat stuck in the 2000’s. One of Wizz’s delay perks for instance, is a “free call”

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They have to offer ways to make calls if you’re delayed, that’s a legislative requirement based on delays iirc

I suppose for certain folk it could be of benefit

Yes. If it’s time-critical, you’ll more likely be better informed with a direct approach to the carrier, than have it bouncing around here.

I’ve just sent them a message on X, hopefully they’ll get back to me. Seems the delay still gives me about an hour, but I’ve noticed the average delay for the flight is 2+ hours… (via Flighty)

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Good luck :relieved:

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