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So, I gained some weight over C19 and I’m losing it slowly now since I walk an average of 5-6 miles a day, but I’d like it to go quicker. (rn I’m about 230lbs and I want to move down to 170. I was 180 before lockdown. I am 6’3, for height)

Do you guys know if it’s possible to go 100% on meal substitutes? For example, Huel.

I also have a friend/potentially more than friend moving over to the UK in January, so that’s the impetus to try and move faster than losing it slowly via lots of walking and my normal diet.

Have you heard of Zoe? It will be interesting when they make it here

You can live off Huel, but merely controlling calorie intake is not a great strategy and you’re unlikely to keep it up for long…

Yes, it’s possible and I am doing the same thing - having around 800 calories/day at present.

I use Exante (referral link) as I find them the easiest in terms of having lots of flavours and bars/meals as well as shakes etc.

Whichever meal substitute you choose, make sure you follow their advice in terms of length and water intake etc.

So, I forgot my friend is actually really into this kinda stuff (he’s a big muscly lad) and he wrote me a meal plan based on my exercise etc.

9AM: Huel OR Porridge (w/ 2tbsp honey)
1PM: Some form of chicken from M&S, with rice
4PM: Huel
2-3 hours before bed: Huel Black

Friday: Skip 4PM/before bed Huel and swap for takeaway (I have a meeting this day and we go for food after)

I should be able to get to my goal weight within some months on this. It should work out to about 1600kcal/day.

Isn’t 800/day a massive deficit?

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Do ten miles in 100 minutes and you’ll almost be at zero :joy:

With Huel and similar, yes. Because they’re not meal substitutes as such. They’re actual meals. Food.

Huel don’t actually recommend that though. But I’ve been thriving with these things making up 75% of my diet for well over two years. I’m no longer anaemic (iron deficient) thanks to these.

Now I’m not a big eater, and don’t have a varied appetite, among other struggles, so this change to my diet was absolutely for the best, and easy for me to make. But that definitely won’t be the case for everyone.

Huel is soy-based. You may not know you’re intolerant till you’ve been drinking it for a while, as it builds up. So there’s lots to consider


I thought Huel were soy free, and oat based.

Personally I never got on with them too well. The taste and texture just wasn’t palatable enough to completely consume for me.

I get on much better with Yfood (lactose free milk) and Saturo (soy). Soylent was alright when they had a stint in the U.K., but they had too many off batches for me, that were reminiscent of the same issues I had with Huel.

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You will never stick to it and just end up binging.

Tolerance is key

I think you won’t stick to something that isn’t good, but as mentioned a by @N26throwaway, they’re meal’s. Not a SlimFast Shake diet that tastes like arse. I had one earlier, they taste real good.

I am also very energy deprived thanks to my general mental state / some stuff that I’m waiting on help with from NHS, so something as easy as a shake is superior to food I have to cook and even easier than walking outside to collect a takeaway.

Tl;dr I don’t have the food to binge nearby and I don’t have the energy to get it

It’s perfectly safe if you are overweight/obese and is designed to help you lose weight quickly.

After 4/5 days, your body adjusts and many feel full…

The NHS uses it to treat some things as well.

Oh, my bad. Apologies.

My two penn’orth… there are loads of things that might get some quick results, but most of them aren’t sustainable. IMHO, the best way to lose weight and keep it off is simple calorie counting - track what you eat and try to stick to a daily calorie limit. That limit depends on a number of factors but, in simple terms, every 500 calories per day that you cut equates to a pound lost each week. If an average man needs 2,500 calories to maintain their weight, then 1,500 a day would lead to a 2lb weekly weight loss, which is considered a safe, sustainable amount.

Don’t be tempted to go below around 1,200 calories - once your daily allowance gets that low, adjust your weight loss goal to 1.5lbs/week. Later, you can adjust to 1lb/week as you get nearer your goal weight.

I’ve been doing this since January and have lost 5st. In general, I’ve been eating much healthier. That said, I’ll still have the odd burger or dessert - personally, I find that depriving yourself completely of certain foods just leads to failure.


My friend wrote my meal plan based on 1600kcal a day, so it should be sustainable enough.

When I get to the weight I was before C19 I would be willing to drop my speed quite a bit, also. The extra 3st or so is just not pleasant to look at.

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