Forced to use a plastic card

I went to a Tesco this morning and to my horror I was told contactless did not work, only chip and pin. I had to go get my wallet and the whole thing was causing anarchy in the store.

I haven’t used my card in a long time. Maybe I’ve been wrong all along and we need plastic cards and cash :scream:

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Like you and many others, I’ve got so used to my phone being my wallet.

I did take the step a while back to get a phone case which takes a card - just in case, so to speak. (Don’t often use it, though).

Maybe it’s a reminder that having that extra bit of assurance is wise, at least for now.


Well I’m always going to keep my wallet on me from now on :person_shrugging:

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I still do carry a wallet, albeit quite a small one, mainly because I prefer to leave the bulk of a phone at home. I still have my Apple Watch with me though.

Pay at pumps don’t tend to accept contactless either (at least they don’t around here).

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Also a few places which accept contactless but don’t seem to be able to deal with Amex without chip and PIN. Onestop is one.

McDonalds is a weird one because Amex contactless with a physical card works but use the same card via Google Pay or Samsung Pay and you’ll get a decline. Can work around with their app.

Forgot about that. That must be the only time I actually use a card.

Yup. I can concur with this statement. Found it really weird. Even staff couldn’t work out why, but then they look like they have only just left school, most the time. Or perhaps I am just old now :smile:

I had to leave shopping behind after being told it was chip and PIN only as I could not get my phone to fit in the terminal. Was one of the few days where I was not carrying a card as a back-up. I do now.

Martin Lewis was doing a poll on similar topic yesterday. Now closed.

Okay. The Twitter links are pretty rubbish, so here’s the graphic:

I had already voted, before I saw his follow up tweet, which would have changed my vote.

I like to use Apple Pay but keep card in wallet just in case .

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I very rarely take a wallet out with me just phone/Apple Watch if the shop doesn’t take contactless I will just walk away and shop somewhere else

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Makes sense, but would you take the same tack in an area you’re not familiar with?

I’m in the Isle of Skye on holiday at the moment and must admit I did bring my wallet with me due to its remoteness but everywhere I’ve been so far was taken contactless