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Join me and invest commission-free with Freetrade. Get started with a free share worth £3-£200.

I wouldn’t know what I was doing with investing hard-earned cash. That looks low risk I have to say. How do they make their money? R-

I think Freetrade is great platform to start with for beginners, given its ease of access. You can dip your toe into investing with little risk. It’s a great introduction to investing and a fantastic hands on way to learn. That’s the power of making investing platforms as accessible as possible to all.

There’s a page in the FAQ that documents how they make money here:


Can you make anything out of the free trades you get with the referral?

Sure. You can sell them when you get them and withdraw your cash once the sell order settles.

Or you can reinvest what you sell in other shares. The idea is you invest your money, the value of your investments increase, or pay you dividends (a small amount of cash per share you own) from time to time, or both.

Dividends are paid as cash, so you can just withdraw that or use it towards reinvesting. After your investments have grown in interest, you can sell them and reap the profit.

It’s also possible for your investments to lower in value too, so you can lose money too. Investing should be viewed as a long term thing. And it’s best not to react to things in haste either.

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Ask lots of question, make a thread and dump them all there, I can help answer some as I’m sure others can.

Two primary sources of income.

They add 0.45% to foreign exchange rates, and their other incomes are mainly from subscriptions.

For example
ISA £3/m
Plus £10/m
SIPP £10/m

(Reduced a little when combined)

There a decent but young company, I was not 100% sure of them over a year ago but I’ve grown confident in their goals and ability to run their company effectively. So much so it’s my primary broker at this point.

They’re really accessible IMO if your just starting out and want access to common stocks and funds but you do need to do a bit of learning if your new to investing

Best thing for anyone here new to investing it to ask questions

Blatant referral coming in: