Halifax App - Scrolling Issue

Anyone ever had an issue with navigating pop up’s in the Halifax app?

I am trying to do a switch in app, I just updated my Halifax address as I hadn’t noticed it was out of date. This is the same as the account I’m switching from but it doesn’t seem to be recognised yet, it causes a pop up to appear asking if my addresses match between accounts where I can do a “switch later” or “continue” on.

However, when I scroll it’s the interface behind that moves, so I physically can’t scroll down to press continue. I noticed on other pop ups it is the same but they fit on the screen at the start.

When I click the switch button on online banking it takes me to an incorrect page about downgrading/upgrading my account or opening a new one.

Has anyone else ever faced this sort of issue with the Halifax app? Pop ups which cannot be scrolled upon? I think I’m going to have to call up to instigate the switch? Gulp

what app version and OS?

Can’t say I ever had any issues on iOS when I had it. Lloyd’s is the same app just reskinned and no issues there either.

Tried off iOS & Android. Can’t comment on the android right now but the iPhone was 120.04

iOS 17 beta or iOS 16?

We’ve got a Halifax account on another iPhone in the office so I can test that later. Dev device though so it’s running the dev beta (6 I think).

I can’t replicate either issue on my personal phone, also iOS 17 beta with Lloyds though. Also 120.04.

Thanks for your reply. Was iOS 16. Really not sure what the issue was - perhaps specific to the CASS in app flow - rang up in the end. Security passed before 9 only for it to cut me off as not open yet - surely it should say first! Sorted at 09.30 by phone and the agent quoted the wrong amount for the switch bonus - he is contradicted by the website etc but maybe knows more than I? A jolty onboarding, think the account will be daisy chained elsewhere!

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Your patience is admirable. :relieved:

Or my desperation for £150 :joy:

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