Halifax Tweet

Guessing some of you have seen it already, but I’m interested in if it’ll translate to an actual exodus of accounts like Daily Mail U.K. have suggested.

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Unless we can see switching figures or Halifax tell us how would we even know the numbers?

Since most people can’t even be bothered to switch I imagine the majority of people closing their account are people who don’t use it as their main one anyway.


Their ‘evidence’ appears to be almost entirely based on people moaning on Twitter, so wouldn’t give that much weight.

The Times is reporting no mass exodus as of yet

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There was HUGE debate on this topic, over on the Monzo forum.

Starts here


There could also be a large influx, I suppose.

I thought it was great that Halifax stood their ground on this. If the poor snowflakes want to leave, let 'em, but I suspect it was just a lot of hot air.


Interestingly, the Monzo thread majors on the pronoun issue rather than the original point which was Halifax’s response to dissenting customers.

The pronoun issue is very important to folk, yet is not a banking matter.

Halifax’s stance very much is - and strange it is too. They could have promoted their support (already had with the badges) without choosing to alienate existing customers. Likely end of story at that point. But no.


Well, I will wait for the switching figures.

I’d say a solid 99.5% of the population believe in gender-critical ideology, so I doubt that very much.

imo Halifax is a bank; not someone that can take a moral high ground for rainbow capitalism purposes.

Furthermore, gender is a massive meme anyways, so I shan’t be be banning with Lloyds Group in the future

I’d say 99% (or so) of the population haven’t a clue what that is - nor would have a considered view if they had.


I would disagree, rainbow capitalism and schools have forced us to know.

For example, my sister’s school had gender neutral toilets for about a half day until all the parents decided to write. Interim head teacher quickly found themselves fired iirc

I suspect the same 99% have never heard of this either.

You surely speak with authority from your own perspective, but despite that, the world at large probably regards the issue of pronoun usage as marginal at best.


The world at large still criminalises or doesn’t acknowledge homosexuality, so I reckon you’d be right but on the virtue that “rainbow capitalism can’t function in countries that criminalise any form of LGBT”

I’m no expert - isn’t this about transgender ‘concerns’ and not orientation ‘concerns’.

I also doubt that Halifax has done this alone - most of their HR practices will apply across all customer facing parts of the Lloyds group.

Definitely replicated across the whole group, unfortunately.

Perhaps Halifax were looking to purge the gammonfisted pond life style customers who’d be perturbed by this? Doubt they make them any money :joy:


I think you’ve made it pretty clear that it’s as important to the side that cares as it is the side that doesn’t like it, plus the animosity towards those with different views (as shown by your description of people that disagree with you) that has made its way into the media and places like Twitter recently, is disgusting.

If you cannot engage in a discussion about beliefs without insulting people due to their beliefs, you should not use the Internet.

My comment was not directed at you :joy:

It’s not unfortunate - it’s progressive.

It is progressive if you believe in gender as ascribed by some groups; it isn’t if you have the following opinion (of which the vast majority of our country does): the word gender and sex used to be synonyms officially and colloquially; the words she/her/him/his etc existed before the widespread belief of “gender” in our language. They are sexed terms.

Gender seems to be just a scale of masculinity and effeminitity, too; which I don’t really get how this equates to gender? The whole argument keeps conflating gender and sex while also insisting they’re separate. Especially when the words man/women are brought into the debate, as they are very clearly terms referring to sexes.

Tl;Dr it’s garbage (in my opinion, and the majority of the UK feels the same way)

Also to give a rough scale of the level of people thinking the same way (just on Twitter): https://twitter.com/AvonandsomerRob/status/1542857734957285378?s=20&t=CteIGz3PKRrBrC506mgTSg

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You keep saying this, yet you are confusing social media loudmouths with the real world. I think you’ll find that the vast majority of the UK outside of social media aren’t that bothered either way.

I find it interesting that you need to keep backing up your opinions with what other people think…