Hello Houston - do we have a bug?

When I navigate away from the thread listing to a thread I get a grey box over the text area. It does fade away after a few seconds. R-

Like this. Top right hand corner

P.S. Apologies for the wierd title - they have to be 15 characters long apparently.

Interesting! I did add a plugin to help with the tags, but I’m yet to actually see it in action. I’m wondering if this is it (obviously, not working!)

Let me try something…

Edit - OK, I’ve removed it because it wasn’t doing anything. Hopefully that fixes it? :man_shrugging:

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You seem to have cracked it. No matter what I do now I cannot replicate the issue. R-


Grey box just reappeared. First for 4 days [it seems]. R-

Do you still get it if using another browser?

See, this when I say to myself “ why didn’t I write my password down somewhere”. I’ll reset and try another browser but it is a sporadic thing. Might be some while. R-

I never write mine down. I use a Password Manager. Soooo much easier.

Even I don’t know the passwords for any of my accounts, be it shopping, banking, or forums!

Just the one to remember to access the Password Manager.

Absolutely screwed though if I ever forget that as no way to access my password vault without it :scream:

Yes, that’s what I meant - I use Bitwarden and Touch or Face ID. It’s in there now. I’ll try Firefox. R-


OK, now using Firefox. I’ll report any repeat of the error as and when. R-


Hmm… just had the same thing happen in the Monzo forum. Thinking it might be my iPad. I take it no-one else is seeing this? R-

Nope :man_shrugging:

Oh this 15 character rule :man_facepalming:

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At least the spelling has been corected. :crazy_face: R-

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