I ordered something from Amazon marketplace and Hermes where supposed to deliver it today.

I didn’t post here earlier because I know some of you get annoyed with my posts.

I can’t call them now and they’re not answering Twitter. Do you think my package will arrive tomorrow or should I call them in the morning?

Have you tracked it online?
It should give info on there.
I’ve had Hermes that have just turned up the next day.

tracking says it’s out for delivery but I suspect it won’t come today as it’s so late now

i hope it arrives tomorrow

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I’m sure it will arrive Thursday.
I know my previous experiences haven’t been great with Hermes.

It is very interesting, because my experience as a sender is that Hermes delivers.

Sent over 400 items with hermes over the last 12 months, not one was lost. About a dozen or so were delayed, one delivered to the wrong address.

I have made very bad experience with royal mail, on the other hand, and no longer use them, unless I must.

You do need to package things well, though, as they don’t treat parcels well, but that’s true for most…

What I would say, though, is that I’m proactive with them: i keep an eye on the tracking, and where things are delayed I proactively open a case with them before the customer even complains. Usually the item is found within a couple of days afterwards, and usually still delivered before the customer complains.

Some helpful advice here, @Venomx. You’ll have seen I’ve DM’d you today explaining the reason we’ve closed the thread. Good luck.