HSBC accounts

HSBC are offering a £125 incentive to open a current account (Advance or Premier) deposit £1500 and do some transactions, plus an additional £80 and prize draw entry if you then go on to open a Global money account and do some other transactions. Full terms and conditions here:

I’m tempted to go for this, as I hear positive things about their accounts and app. Not sure if I’ll qualify (for Advance) as I’ve opened another current account at a building society earlier this month and two new credit cards in August and September, so several recent hard searches. But then I have had a first direct account, savings, mortgage for over 10 years so they know me and that might help.

Yes, saw it. Unfortunately as I’ve already switched then ditched First Direct in the last couple of years, I don’t qualify.

alas, i’ve got both already lmao

I don’t know where you’re coming from but the app may disappoint you.

Oh. Well I guess it’s a basic but functional app without much innovative fintech stuff. At least it has real time transaction push notifications, unlike first direct (still). I may get to find out as I put in an application. I’ll find out if I’m accepted within 10 days.