HSBC to challenge Revolut and Wise with new forex app is the website

Signed up, waiting on approval :slight_smile:

Here’s a super interesting one. You can verify your address with geolocation, no need to use credit checking agencies

Okay, preliminary Zing review.

Should have waited a few weeks and I never understand why HSBC is physically unable to leverage the core of their business, being international. HSBC’s international only seems to be a thing if you remit in currencies like pounds/euro/dollars at a minimum

Signed up as well. Limited choice of currency wallets (just seemingly where HSBC operate), but GBP, EUR, and USD wallets will suit my purposes. Virtual card provided, and a physical card on its way by early next week. Conversion from 10GBP to around 11.49EUR incurred a fee of 6p - not bad, but not as good as others. Euro wallet has a GB IBAN - interesting that checking it out show the account is with “the Currency Cloud” and not HSBC itself.

IBAN: GB10TCCLxxxxxxxxxx IBAN into the clipboard

BIC: TCCLGB31 BIC into the clipboard

Bank: CurrencyCloud

SEPA Credit Transfer is supported.

SEPA Direct Debit is not supported.

B2B is not supported.

SEPA Instant Credit Transfer is not supported.

I note with interest that presently you can’t send/transfer FROM the EUR/USD wallet elsewhere - just back to GPB - you just get a blank page when you click the “send” function from Euros.

I assume the same is true for USD, I haven’t tried.

EDIT: Ouff. You CAN send money from your Euro IBAN - a rather circuitous route via “Make a Payment” button on the front page (which is not the front page when you log in…), then “Pay someone new”, then changing the currency to Euros, then inputting the IBAN. Only then do you find out that for a €5 transfer, they want a 58p fee.

I signed up.
When I topped using open banking the redirection back to the app gave a web page with 404 error, so I had to open the app manually. I left them feedback about it in the app.

Tried signing up. Immediately was rejected after passing the identity process :confused: Not sure why. Never been rejected by a bank before!

Signed up yesterday. Still pending verification :crossed_fingers:

What address verification method did you use? I used the GPS one for my location and avoid credit checks

Hmm I don’t recall there being one. I know it asked me to take a photo of my passport and confirm my identity. I did that, took a photo of my face and it said it was processing. It then processed and said I’d passed. About a minute later I got an email saying my account was rejected. Weird.

Thought i’d sign up too for a bit of fun + a new card. Did driving licence then it wanted to do GPS after that, so i’m guessing it didn’t like your ID for some reason, can you try again?

Amazing that i was up and running with apple wallet etc in about 20 minutes start to finish, whereas co op bank took 3 weeks and i still don’t have a card…technology!

I sent a small fund to the new Zing account from my own HSBC account via the Open Banking option. Payment is immediately being withheld and I need to provide the sender’s information via email. :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

My card has turned up - sent from Frankfurt, no less. Fairly minimalist design. Tiny signature panel on the back and like Bunq, the CVV is only available ‘in app’

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Have you checked if the BIN is also German?

No, though the card’s IBAN belongs to the Currency Cloud rather than HSBC.

What’s the first six digits?

it shows up as currency cloud on the Santander app when you put the sort code in, if that means anything…

It is a standard Chartered BIN.

This one is more accurate: Credit Card BIN Numbers Database | Bank Identification Number Lookup | BIN List 2023

Showing up as GB, Visa Infinite.

Nice that it’s Infinite, shame it wasn’t EU issued.

I was recently rejected by Metro bank for a savings account, similarly after I’d verified my driving licence and done the selfie. My first bank rejection ever, which I’m still quite surprised and confused about!

So I’m interested to try Zing now just to see if I get accepted. Hoping Metro was a one-off and there’s not a bigger issue like a mistake on my credit file or maybe my several-years-old driving licence photo doesn’t look enough like me anymore!?

I remember having a problem with the automated ID checks in the Chase app and it had to go to manual review. But it seems some banks don’t have that manual option, it’s just a failed match and you’re out. :frowning:

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I’ve found that we can’t use the driving licence in NI as we’ve only eight digits for the driver number rather than the sixteen on the GB licence (there isn’t a UK license despite it saying UK on both the NI and GB ones).