If you lose your debit card abroad

Just had an email from Starling with the above subject…

If you lose your debit card on holiday, don’t worry.

Head to the Card section of the app and ‘lock’ it. Once locked, your card won’t work – for you, or for anyone else.

If you find it after all, just tap again to unlock it and your card will work again.

If you think it’s gone for good and need a new card, speak to our team in-app and we’ll see what we can do. If we can send your card overseas to you, there’ll be a £10 charge for this service.

Safe travels! :palm_tree:

I know they used to quote £60, though how often they imposed that fee is anyone’s guess. I reckon it was more of a deterrent. A tenner seems reasonable.


£10 isn’t too bad! Fortunate to have never been in that situation, but paying £10 would be fine for me.

Question is, how quick would they get it to you? :thinking:

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I imagine for a short break, you’d probably be shit out of luck.

But I guess it depends on the countries, there are quite a few in the east where it probably doesn’t matter if you have no card or not.

In the west, you can probably get away with phone payments only. I think this is actually a service not far away from being completely unnecessary, esp if you have Wise

I have previously posted this in the chase discussion but some may find it useful to know and please note the incident happen in London but I imagine it would work the same way if you were abroad.

Within the Chase app under ‘see card’ there is an option to manage card. The menu offers an option replace card. This has two options replacement card and my card details.

I had no cash and I had been using the card to travel on the underground. When I discovered I had lost my card. I went into the app changed the number and ordered a new card so effectively cancelling the lost one. The new card was added to google pay and Curve and was then able to continue my day using the phone and curve card for purchases. On TFL the old card number was identified for my first completed journey and the new one was identified for all other journeys.

The new card arrived in the post a few days later.

If abroad I would always carry credit cards so the loss of a physical card for me would not be a problem as I could use either that or my phone.

I take multiple debit/credit cards plus cash and Google Pay to minimise any issues.

The words ‘We’ll see what we can do’ doesn’t inspire me. Posting a deactivated debit Mastercard to a developed country is likely to only cost a few pounds .

Some other banks and Amex offer emergency card replacement which means a local replacement or a FedEx/courier delivered replacement card. I’ve never seen a charge attached and this seems more reliable than a Starling ‘we’ll see’.

I think you’re taking that too literally. It says to me they’re pretty confident of sorting it.

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Using a ‘few pound’ postal letter service would likely have a 2+ week delivery time, which isn’t very useful for most people on their holiday.

It’d need to be couriered to be there in a useful timeframe, which I imagine might well end up costing a lot more than £10.

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Depends, if you’re a UK resident but living in Singapore or something for half the year because your company is there - it’s probably not bad to offer the option

But I also think that £10 isn’t much money to concern you if it was the case

That’s not the situation described in the first sentence of the quote in the OP tho…

I was making a separate comment, they should offer it depending on how long you’ll be abroad

Just for future reference, your physical Chase card is completely separate from the card number in the app.

If your physical card gets lost or compromised, you only need to order a replacement. The card number in the app is safe to continue to use.

Likewise the other way around. If you buy something online and your virtual card number gets compromised, you only need to request new details in the app. You physical card will be fine.