Ignore People

Just went to ignore my 1st person on this forum… I can’t :sob::sob:

Only option is to mute. I wanted to obliterate them from my life totally :sweat_smile:

Who has managed to annoy you so much you want to obliterate them from your life?

I wouldn’t want to say :rofl: don’t want to offend that person

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Oh, and if it’s me, just say so because I wouldn’t care anyway :rofl:

Definitely me :rofl:

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I’m too nosey to ignore people!

In all my years of using the internet, I’ve ignored/blocked exactly one person.


I used to be like that, wanting to know everything. Soon learnt it doesn’t really matter and you’re legit not missing much :sweat_smile:

You can ignore people in your preferences:

And also when viewing their profile:

It’s available for all trust level 1 users (which I’ve just changed - was set to level 2)

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Works now, said user has gone bye byes :sweat_smile:

It’s an absolute blessing, can scroll past without my eyeballs having to spend another second glancing at certain stuff.

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If there’s anything you notice that shouldn’t be here, just flag it and we’ll review it. If it’s a user, drop @moderators a message


The thumbs down is for letting one person break you!

Can you still see blocked posts or are they like flagged posts where you can simply expand them to read it anyway?

I ignored you for a minute just to do this screenshot

Edit - when you click the message about a hidden post it then will display it as normal

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Ahh ok thank you. So it’s like on the other community.

If the blocked person is the last person to comment it still bumps the topic to the top of your ‘latest’ and ‘unread’ feeds too if I remember correctly.

So in my view they’re not really blocked, more hidden… sort of.

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I used this feature on the Monzo Community and ended up looking at every hidden post anyway. Same will happen here, I suppose!

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There’s no notification as such, the post will move around the board as and when people post to it including the blocked.