In-app Cheque Imaging Support

Interesting. Is £750 the largest amount for one cheque or the largest amount in general even with a few cheques?

First Direct have increased their in-app deposit limit to £2000/cheque


Yes but flaky.

Paid in a cheque for a few hundred pounds, didn’t bounce or credit so messaged after 3rd working day.

Told to re-deposit cheque (via app) but it refused as said was already deposited.

They then advised me to get a fresh cheque from the drawer but just paid into HSBC instead and it cleared the next day.

Finally a letter from Santander arrives showing a full image of the cheque saying it had missing details… :joy:

HSBC has raised their in-app limit to £2000/cheque

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Lloyds Group (Lloyds, Halifax, BoS) have increased their in-app cheque deposit limit to £10,000

Can’t wait to have to try that out :thinking: