International Transfers blocked

Just had an email from Dozens saying they were suspending all international transfers, and just read (see below) that Wise were stopping transfers to Russia.

(Actually, google “Wise” “transfers to Russia” and you get an ad for transferring money to Russia using Wise!)

Revolut very equivocal - not altogether surprising there.

Dozens’ letter

"Dear customers,

In light of recent developments in Ukraine and communications from the FCA with respect to UK sanctions, we are making some changes to the services we offer and adding extra scrutiny to the processes we follow.

We are turning off outgoing international payments with immediate effect. We’ve made this decision by looking at the usage data and balancing it against the risks. Currently there is little demand from our customers for international payments, meanwhile implementing a block reduces risk to us as a company and ensures no money gets into the hands of sanctioned individuals or businesses. "


I’ve not received anything from them yet - rock and a hard place there…

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I doubt we will from Storonskii

I think while this is not surprising I’d like to reiterate that Boris’ words of “not creating an environment for casual russophobia” should be heeded

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What a load of tosh. The Tory party is propped up with Russian cash.

Their Government has invaded a Sovereign European state for no good reason and made the rest of the continent (including GB) more unstable as result.

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So I draw attention to the links between the Kremlin and the owner of Revolut and that’s “casual Russophobia” ?

They’ve just send me a push notification to donate to the Red Cross to assist with the situation in :ukraine:

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The idea that anyone listens to our car crash of a prime minister has me in stitches


If you believe that fostering Russophobia (which is what I’m talking about) [defined as people who feel intense like towards Russian peoples] is acceptable then you’re much more of a car crash than Boris

Ask yourselves if you’d be as rude towards the LGBT as people are throwing hatred at Russians instead of the Russian Administration

Suppose I should disclose I’m a member then, spending my Russian money ? :face_with_monocle:

There are no implied links to the Kremlin you mentioned in your post; you just said Revolut is being unequivocal (ambiguous)

Then said “no surprise from Storonskii”; for a start, again there are no links made to Kremlin or the Russian autocracy by your post

For a second, it’s Storonsky

Not surprisingly, strongly held opinions are being aired.

I’d suggest some latitude has been exercised, but when topics morph into exchanges of political views such as here, it’s hard to see it going well.

Discussion about the implications of international banking restrictions is legitimate. Let’s get it back there, shall we?

There are other platforms better suited to frank exchanges of political views.


Simple answer. No.

In other news I made a largeish transfer on Revolut yesterday with no issue. No similar correspondence to Dozens from them - so the AI is still handling all of the AML in light of sanctions.


Not sure that’s going to save them. The pitchforks are out!

What do you mean?

Well we’ve had compare the market remove ads containing a fictional russian meerkat :person_shrugging::joy:

Site says fictional Russian billionaire Aleksandr Orlov has ‘no association with the current situation’