Irritating utterances on TV or film

Probably a very short thread, but couldn’t help it.

Police procedural (you know the sort) - cops on the scene using abbreviations (as you’d expect).

“Blah blah blah 3 G.S.W’s at the scene….”

It takes longer to say “GSW’s” than to say “Gun Shot Wounds”.

Just saying……

I know. I had to keep pausing Line Of Duty to find out what all the acronyms meant. No such problem with Happy Valley though. Good old Anglo Saxon. R-

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It’s like ‘Inspector Sands’ isn’t it - better to have an acronym or codeword so someone casually overhearing who wouldn’t want to know will be none the wiser. Unless they watch the same police procedurals I guess.

It’s Sunday so here’s another one.

Watching a US crime show……

“Blah blah blah OBGYN blah.

You can say gynaecologist quicker than that !!!

(Just saying…)

But you can’t say “obstetrician and gynaecolgist” faster.

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You’re right, of course. But I’m thinking the clinician referred to in said script is probably not both.

  • Dates being rendered as “November Fifteen Twenty Twenty Three” instead of “the 15th of November Two Thousand and twenty three”
  • “Slaw” instead of coleslaw
  • “Mac and Cheese” instead of Macaroni cheese
  • “Paris, France” or “London, England”

German news has this irritating thing of starting a news story stating the “location”, but saying the name of where their bureau is, so in a story about Carlisle, they will normally start the story with “Lon Don. in Carlisle heute…”

Oh yes… don’t get me started on that one. Is it the case that Americans assume you won’t know Paris is in France or that we shouldn’t confuse it with the one in Texas ? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Oh and while we’re at it (off-topic), if you, the actor, don’t actually smoke, then either take up smoking (ill-advised) or don’t be in shot when you’re supposed to inhale…. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
(John Travolta please take note ).

You really over estimate US educational standards. A good chunk don’t even know their own country, never mind a foreign one.

The latest one I heard was bars and Liquor stores refusing to accept US Passports because they were issued to foreign people by the Department of Homeland Security on arrival.

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That one is a classic combination of overthinking and self importance. There are multiples places in the world called London (the one in Canada pops up just as frequently). Same for Paris.

I very much doubt that, unless you live in Ontario.

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Well that’s me told (I think).

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I’ve watched a lot of Canadian produced tv over the years (quite a bit of American stuff is actually produced and filmed in Canada, so London, Ontario shows up quite a bit!

America gets a bad rep for acting like America is the entire world, but it’s not a sentiment unique to America. Having grown up between both countries, I think we’re actually worse for it! :laughing:

Manchester is an odder one. A lot of Brits only know one. Ours. A lot of Americans aren’t aware that a Manchester exists outside of the US and Australia. When Manchester shows up on TV it’s usually the New Hampshire one.

Don’t get me started on Newcastle. Clearly the one is the one in County Down :grin:

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