Is it the new Paypal changes causing issues with Topcashback

I tried to withdraw some of my available cashback this morning and this is the email I received from Topcashback.

Here I am wondering if the UK is now a sanctioned country. That is where my Paypal account is registered and it is where I live anyway. Paypal account itself has no issues I have even made a payment with it.

As a matter of interest, were you connected to a VPN through a sanctioned country when you attempted the transfer?..:thinking:

I don’t think it’s easy for VPNs to be offered in sanctioned countries to be honest, namely because… it would require the company to be sanctioned

No. I wasn’t. I had actually also turned off iCloud private relay at that time since there is a transaction I was making and I wanted to have it tracked.
I was also on Mobile data so the custom DNS server on my wifi also would not be the issue.
I replied to their message and funds were made available. Requested bank withdrawal, should be paid out by end of business tomorrow if no issues arise.

Did you cede your details to them or just explain they got it very wrong?

I didn’t give them any details. I just explained them and told them their internal systems got it wrong.
Only issue I can think about is iCloud private relay because sometimes I login from Safari. It has caused issues with some sites saying I am not in the UK, until I turn it off.
But this time, it was in Chrome, the one I use when I want all the tracking.

PayPal isn’t a requirement of Topcashback.
Just get the payment direct into your bank account.

I guess you have not yet come across those transactions that can not be cashed out through bank or through Paypal. I have had some that didn’t like Paypal but were okay with bank, and vice versa.

You raise an issue I’ve never personally encountered and I’ve been using TCB for years. I admit all of the cashback I’ve ever earned has been paid directly into a bank account, never PayPal. I guess we must be using very different vendors for cashback.

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I’ve had items with restrictions against PayPal, gift vouchers and even Avios.
Bank payments have always worked 100% with TCB so are my goto option.

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Must admit I’ve never had a problem with continuing out to bank

JLP was another which previously was only available via Avios.

Have they changed? I tried them last month it was still only via Avios, I went to another retailer for same price anyway.

Can’t see any mention of it.

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Update: They didn’t pay and want me to send over documents via insecure email.

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