ISPReview Boost

As Mark has ignored my many posts on the comment section of ISPR to fix his website, I have been forced into taking the drastic measure of using my browser’s Boost functionality to remove all of his ads (which I presume are the problem).

Sharing it here in-case any of you also find that he’s being a little silly. Hopefully these carry to the Arc Companion but I don’t really use that anyways, so I will have to see what I can do about writing an extension for Safari to nuke the ads there too.

ISP Review has ads?

Yes, a little video thing that decides to plague me in the corner as well as banner ads

They’ve gotten pretty intrusive lately. Full screen ones that you have to wait to dismiss before you can read a post. Pop ups galore. Ads that block some of the article or comments, or links.

Any old nag/ad blocking plugin should work to remove them though. It’s a bit of a double edge sword. Ad blockers are the reason sites driven entirely by ad revenue are ramping them up overzealously, which in turn makes ad blocking a necessity for usability.


Has anyone tried to raise the issue on their own forums?

I don’t have an account, but it seems like @Recchan has from the OP.

Seems very tame compared to some other sites I’ve been on.

There are sites where chrome doesn’t even allow the ad to load because it uses too many resources.

I don’t, I only post on the comments section since I can use fake emails because he’s using Askinet, but AFAIK Mark does look at them

But every time I’m on Safari it starts refreshing the page because of some ISPR specific issues, of which I don’t know about