Italian bank experience story

Hi :wave:,

I wanted to tell you about an event that happened when I opened an online bank account of an Italian bank.

On June 2, I open this bank account, after a few days I find my debit card blocked because the manager of the physical branch wanted to meet me in person.

I go to the branch and hand over the following documents:

  • ID card
  • Pay stub and employment contract.

All this to tell you my current situation:

  • I have been inhibited from incoming transfers from Revolut and other accounts
  • the card is still blocked

Do you have any advice on what to do and how I should go about it?

It doesn’t sound very online, then, if you have to go through that nonsense.

That would be a deal breaker for me.


Is there any alternative online Italian bank accounts as having to go meet someone personally after opening account online seems rather unfair.


You have the option to open both the account online and in the branch. Once you make the online video id, the branch manager allows himself to lock the account because he wants to see you in person 🥲

Unfortunately the Italian banking system is very backward. I’m trying for months a Fintech that offer 24/7 concierge service and I must say they are very nice… but the only flaw is that they don’t let you see pending transactions until they are accounted for by them…

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What are you looking for in that service?

You are offered 24/7 chat assistance and by paying the “love module” you also have the possibility to make reservations for hotels, restaurants, flights etc.

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