iWeb registration 50% off in July 2022

For anyone who may be interested in share dealing/investing, and more specifically, the low-cost iWeb platform, . . . .

"Throughout July open an iWeb account for only a one off fee of £50 instead of the usual £100. After that you pay no annual charges or platform fees on your account.

You can open both an ISA and a Share Dealing Account for just the one £50 charge."

I was fortunate enough to sign up for mine when it was free :smile:

Though the state of my ISA portfolio is nothing to smile about at the moment :cry: :chart_with_downwards_trend:

Last time I used IWeb, they wouldn’t allow you to link fintech banks (Monzo, Starling, Revolut). In fact, they froze my account for even trying.

Other than that, it’s a good deal. They charge for fund and share purchases/sales (£5 per fund/share trade) but no ongoing platform fee.

They are extremely slow at transferring ISAs in and out - many months in some cases.

Yeah, I never even tried one of my fintechs, due to the sums involved, i.e. greater than daily limits.

Mine is linked to a High Street provider.

Three trades, £15. Suits me.

Not suitable imo, if you wanted to drip-feed your share dealing. For example, with monthly payments. That would incur £60 in fees alone.

Alternatives routes for that style of investing are available.