Jam Doughnut invite

I thought you would like the JamDoughnut App. It gives you discounts and instant cashback at over 150+ shops, restaurants, and supermarkets. Use my referral code WQZF to get a £2 bonus when you use the app for the 1st time. Download for free: https://jamdoughnut.app.link/JoinNow

Pretty decent, just saw this on r/beermoneyuk. Cashback via gift cards. Even the grocers

Edit: the selection is greater than the Topcashback gift cards section, some that overlap are better - some are worse. Would recommend having a look at both and choosing which gives better cashback


Thanks @Recchan - I’ll give it a whirl….

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Definitely check TCB gift cards though and now that I think about it, Airtime Rewards in the “Want to earn more cashback?” section. Best merchant coverage across all 3 imo. Specifically, ATR has Starbucks (4% cashback). I think all of them have Uber/Uber Eats (at between 2.5% and 4%) as some big ones. All the Supermarkets I believe are on one of the three bar Tesco and Lidl.

Thanks so much for pointing this out. All of my usual Starbucks gift card purchasing destinations stopped selling Starbucks gift cards in 2020 when Starbucks UK switched away from the international scheme. Great to have an option again (even if at a slightly meagre 4%)!

I wish brands would interlink schemes. Going to China soon and I like the idea of being able to use my Starbucks UK account there too

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Just seen in the app it says for a limited time the referrer (which could be anyone who signs up and refers others) now gets £20.

Here’s my code if anyone needs one:


Just download the app here and enter the code: https://app.jamdoughnut.com/JoinNow