Join Zing - £20 referral

Zing have launched a referral scheme which runs until the end of May:

To qualify open an account using the following link:

  1. Enter your mobile number in the online form
  2. Create a Zing account
  3. Make one successful card payment – minimum £5 (or equivalent currency) transaction value

If all these steps are completed within the promotion period (the end of May), in 30 days we’ll both get £20

Note: The referral scheme limits each customer to 20 successful referrals but there is no way to track this, so I hope no one is 21+!

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1 and 2 done. Will do 3 later :+1:

And task completed :smile:

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First two done, just waiting for them to approve.

I won’t be using it again, aside from emptying it of the reward money, but it was an easy £20 (once received).

And a new card for my collection :smile:

Giving it a try thanks. Installed but can’t do passport until Sunday😁

Don’t do as I stupidly did and tick the funding source as other accounts. Best to stick with salary. Five hours in and still not approved!

Only took eight hours!

If the original 20 is used up, here’s another 20…

You’re invited to join Zing – the worry-free international money app – and get £20. Eligible for 18+ UK Residents only. T&Cs apply. Zing

I did “other account” and mine was set up in minutes.

Other than the snazzy debit card, does this offer much over cousin HSBC Global Money account?

A free £20 :man_shrugging:

In all seriousness, I have no idea as won’t be using either.

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HSBC don’t offer much other than cheapish money exchange but in trying it, Wise is slightly cheaper.

However, because it’s Visa Infinite, you’ll be able to sign up for president status with the car hire companies which in turn gets you more included miles, cheaper excess miles, free second driver and a few other things. Saved me £1000 or so on car hire last year so quite worthwhile.

On Hertz, we got 10000km included Vs 3000km normally, 23c/km over that Vs 45c normally, £50 one way drop off Vs £250 normally. Free second driver saves, I think, about £100. I think it was 20% discount Vs 10% normally. It all adds up!

I think I’ve already got a Visa Infinite with Wise - that I rarely use. However, Last time I rented in the US, the agency wouldn’t accept debit cards.

I could upgrade my HSBC Mastercard to the Premier Elite version but I’d lose the free extended warranty on electricals plus it’s not Forex free.

Yes, it will work with Wise too and Curve black/metal, Revolut metal (not sure if their other cards come in Visa Infinite/MasterCard World Elite).

You need to register with the car hire place in advance. The major ones take debit cards these days but if you’re using a debit card, don’t forget that they add on a chunk of cash to the actual cost of the rental.

One other plus was that I was able to pay on the day I collected the car rather than what was going to be, for me, months in advance.

Even Wise is Visa infinite

I know. Makes a bit of a nonsense of the whole business of payment cards having different levels, doesn’t it? Mind you, if it lets me save a grand on car hire, I’m not complaining :grin:

I just keep all of them around. Recently Wise had paused money transfers to a certain country I usually send to, I remembered I had Zing, tried it and money was sent.
So I just keep all cards in my museum. :smiley:

Very ‘wise’ :grin: You never know when you need Wise, Revolut or now Zing to do stuff.

And they change what they do. I quite like the Interest option in Wise to save up foreign currency for the hols which nobody else seems to do.

Looks like Revolut

My physical card has just arrived…from Germany :man_shrugging:

Interesting packaging