$JPG Index Fund - IndexCoop's NFT Index Product

IndexCoop launch their $JPG Index product, thought it’d be good to post here in the crypto category :slight_smile:


  • Less risky than investing in a single NFT project
  • More liquid, instead of buying an NFT whole you can buy fractionalised tokens

Assets involved:

Looks like already-existing tokenised NFTs or tokens for platforms for NFTs (notice how there isn’t $LOOKS, probably the largest NFT platform token. Interested to see if anyone knows the reasoning)

Smells like the emperor’s new clothes to me :slightly_smiling_face:

So, instead of buying one jpeg that is really worth nothing, you can buy a share in lots of jpegs that are still worth nothing. Righty ho…

I think I’ll stick to stocks, thanks. :rofl:

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On that note: Guy Buys NFT For $2.9 Million, Asks for $48 Million, Is Offered $3600