Keeping it interesting -

In recent days the quality and depth of some pure fintech matters has been high and for me, certainly, most informative. For a small forum, we’re well off for knowledge.

So to those colleagues who’re tired of the political stuff - sorry.

We’ve cleared down most of the exchanges and hope that it’s at an end. If it’s not, the next action may well be suspension.

Move on?


For me, I learn quite a bit about the different offerings and advantages available. But it’s also the deeper discussions about the workings behind some of these fintechs that I find interesting. For a small community, there’s a lot of knowledge here.

I’ve somehow gained an interest in something that never interested me - finance! So thanks for that :sweat_smile:


I love the different discussions and learning about new fintech accounts or cash back. The different views and the breakdown of how this all works fascinates me.


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