Keyboards I can use on this forum

I want to strikeout characters to make my posts even more entertaining than they are now…(I know).

Is there a keyboard I can use?

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By strikeout, do you mean being able to do this ?

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You scamp, you. Yes :grinning:

You could just wrap your text in double tildes.

~~ like this ~~

And without the spaces between the words and the tildes: like this

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I just want a keyboard with a key that launches an immediate facepalm in the Jean Luc Picard style :laughing:

No sooner said than… :point_up_2:t3:. Thank you.


Thanks for the double tildes tip - I’ve always used the html-style solution of wrapping text with < s> and < /s> (no spaces) which is far more characters!


You may find this useful - Bitbucket

Apart from one or two listed there, I believe they’re all supported here


One way of figuring out something you’ve seen others do on Discourse is to quote them: it shows your the raw syntax of the quoted element in the editor as shown here:


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