Kite cards are now free

I just received the following email from Starling…

Some welcome news. We’ve made Kite, our debit card and app for kids, free.

We’ll no longer charge you a £2 monthly fee, per card.

There will still be no overseas, payment, cash withdrawal or topping up fees either.

“So does this mean we get more pocket money?”

We’ll leave that up to you.

Until next time!

Team Starling

I recently got Kite cards for my two boys, so this is a nice little bonus :slightly_smiling_face:


Starling are making some pretty customer friendly moves of late. Hope they keep it up.


Does the adult need to have a Starling account to get Kite? This may be the reason I will make a return, when that time comes.

Yes - essentially, the Kite card is linked to a Space in your account. The child can install the app and see their balance and transactions. You also get notifications when they spend.


Good stuff, following Natwest’s lead on this.