Klarna launches it's first physical card in the UK

  • Klarna is launching a physical card in the U.K. that lets users delay payments on their purchases, both in-store as well as online.
  • The Klarna Card will initially only include Klarna’s “Pay in 30” feature, which lets shoppers pay down their debt within 30 days.
  • The launch comes as the U.K. looks to bring the buy now, pay later industry under regulatory oversight.

It’s quite crap right now. No visbable credit limit. No way to check spend power. I was a beta tester and told them it’s not good because you don’t know if your transaction will be declined or not. They aren’t changing that


That’s a bit nerve racking! :grimacing:

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Pretty good idea of Klarna. I’d be aiming to onboard everyone before BNPL takes a hit.

I’m a bit confused. How is this better than a standard credit card? Depending on the timing of your purchase and your statement date, most credit cards provide between 25 and 56 days of interest-free credit anyways, via a regulated financial product.

But maybe I’m missing something here.


Your missing nothing right now trust me. I’d get a rewards credit card personally. This is just another buy what you can’t afford unregulated heap of time waste


Doesn’t affect me one iota because I’ve never used Klarna:

Not unexpected, it was always going to be rolled into the standard financial system and regulatory framework

I’ve used it once for an Amazon purchase, just to see what the fuss was about. I found it very fiddly to create a one-time digital card to pay with (which I then had to remove from my Amazon account after the single use).

I do use Monzo Flex quite a bit which I find much more straightforward. Not that I actually need to split anything interest free over 3 payments - I just like playing with it.

I have used this a bit over last 6 weeks.

Paid from Chase so still get the 1%.

They don’t give you a credit limit just Purchase power which then goes down with every purchase.

Pay it off the purchase power goes back up.

It’s set for payments to auto debit your linked debit card 30 days later.
You can pay it off earlier but I have found a few times Klarna and chase seem to struggle.
Chase seems to duplicate the authentication. Used with Starling no issues.
Nothing against Chase and 1% is nice.

Not sure I will keep using Klarna.

The spending power isn’t fixed either - I started at £750 went up to £2500 now back to £1200.


I find my spend power with American Express is more and also doesn’t randomly dip

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