Lloyds hard credit search after using overdraft eligibility checker

Very annoyed with Lloyds. I’ve never had an account with them but had considered opening a current account after some folk gave good reviews here. I don’t need an overdraft but, out of curiosity, used their eligibility checker. It warns you that they’ll do a soft search but that it won’t affect your credit record.

I’ve now got a hard search from Lloyds Retail (marked “current account application”) on my Experian credit file, dated the same date as when I used the checker. I’ve raised it with Experian so I’ll see what happens.


Why are you annoyed about it? What difference does it make?

They shouldn’t be doing a hard search for a simple eligibility check (i.e. when you’re not applying for credit), especially when they’ve said that they may only do a soft check.

Also, I don’t want unnecessary entries on my credit file that may come into play when applying for credit.

That search is for opening the current account not the overdraft check. That would be fair .


I didn’t open an account with them - I just used the overdraft eligibility checker.

Didn’t that elegibilty checker display some way into the current account application?

Must say that’s my recollection of the experience. I can’t recall if that happened when I opened my Lloyds account but I know it’s fairly standard practice for online banking, ie, they’ll not be offering an overdraft unless they’re considering you for the account.

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Looking at the URL, it is in the “apply” section, but didn’t give any indication that I was actually applying. After it had told me how much overdraft I could expect, it then presented me with an “Apply now” option but I decided not to go ahead.

I know it’s not that important in the grand scheme of things but it’s the principle I object to :slight_smile:

That’s odd, it seems to me. If the guidance online doesn’t make it clear what’s going on at which point, then that’s rather poor.

Upside, though, the hard search shouldn’t be seen as a bad thing as long as it’s not the fifteenth this year :blush:


Yup, nowhere near that :slight_smile:


Apologies my mistake.

I’m thinking the same r.e getting the first direct £100 switch bonus, I may be applying for proper credit in a few months - but anyone involved with these things that I’ve spoken to has said 1 search won’t make any difference :thinking:

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I’ve had a couple of hard searches (necessarily due to a house move), and it’s made negligible difference to my apparent credit score. Indeed, and I’ve mentioned this before, the only credit reference agency that is actually showing any true reflection of my current credit situation relating to my credit report, is TransUnion. Experian and Equifax are both months behind to the point where their credit reporting for me is quite honestly, out of touch. That in itself is quite worrying, because if financial institutions are making decisions based on their records, that could have an adverse impact on applications I may wish to make in the future.

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I try to avoid any more than around 3 hard searches a year, and especially within a 6 months period.

A few is normal, lots make it look like you are either desperate for credit or are being declined by other lenders so would be a red flag

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Received an email back from Experian, having disputed the hard search. They contacted Lloyds who said it was valid. As far as Experian are concerned, that’s the end of the matter, surprise surprise.

Still going to pursue it with Lloyds because it’s the principle of the matter. If they’re going to do a hard search they should say so…

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Co-operative Bank “accidentally” did two searches on me for one account application once, due to a system glitch. I complained about it and they removed the extra search, plus paid a small amount of compensation.

So it is possible to get a search removed, although you may have difficulty persuading them to do it!

Thanks - I tried ringing them and they hadn’t a clue what I was talking about or where to redirect me within their organisation. I think I’ll try the old fashioned way and write to them.

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Good idea.

My advice would be to put it in as a complaint, as then they will get the right people to look into it. There is a “duty to investigate” when a customer makes a complaint.

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I submitted a complaint to Lloyds regarding the hard search and the outcome was having the entry removed from Experian and £25 compensation.

Happy with the outcome and impressed with the politeness and efficiency of the person I dealt with from their complaints department.


Glad to hear it! :+1: