Martin Lewis Mental Health Special

A fantastic episode of the Martin Lewis Money Show just popped up on ITVX today, which I presume was live last night.

It was a one off special on mental health and included both the FCA and the HSBC boss fielding questions on the panel.

A very brave person also shared their story, and noted the stark difference in treatment between their old bank and their new one.

Whist the new one wasn’t named, it sounds like Monzo to me. I wish they’d have named it though. A lot of people who are struggling will probably have been wondering who that bank is and where they need to go be treated with that sort of compassion and understanding.

It’s very much worth watching if you’re either struggling financially, or have any kind of mental health issue, or more pressingly, both.

I don’t know how to share from the ITV app, but this is the episode on the Apple TV app.


I’ve just watched the episode and assuming you are talking about the gentleman (Rob), the new bank definitely did not sound like Monzo to me since both he talked about speakibg to their bank on the telephone…

Most impressive for me, was that HSBC UK have already trained 20,000 of their staff to assist with mental health issues. Helps explain why their CEO was willing to appear on the show.


The specialist team most definitely will talk to you on the phone, but you do first have to reach out via the app.

When you first reach out to them, you can have your preference be a phone call, and they will call you when you need their support.

I presume it’s Monzo, because they are, from my experience, the only bank that’s treated me with that same sort of compassion.

Confirmation bias.

Yes. That’s why I said it sounds like Monzo to me. I’m not making a statement of fact. It’s just an opinion formed from nothing more than my own experience with banks.

I’m glad we agree :slight_smile: I don’t think there’s a bank which is actually incapable of this kind of support, it just relies on the right people/department in an organisation being connected/signposted. Perhaps that’s just naivety on my part.


Agree, it’s never a problem about the type of support but who you get and who is around for accessing it

Well it definitely isn’t Kroo im sure we can all agree on that :joy::joy::joy:

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Understood, though my experience has me leaning toward the bigger banks, who have the infrastructure and manpower to introduce this sort of support for vulnerable customers.

But the important point is that such support is acknowledged as a necessity.