Mastercard declines today

Had some declines today. Thought it was Chase…

Then Starling said….

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I have used Chase and algbra Mastercard throughout the day with zero issues.

Guess I have just been lucky :person_shrugging:


HSBC reported problems too. Blamed MasterCard for it.

Nothing on Monzo though, and I’d find it hard to believe theirs are the only Mastercards completely unaffected.

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not enough customers that actually use the card online to notice :rofl:

More to do with the fact that Monzo are just rubbish at reporting problems, and so generally don’t. Makes them look more reliable than banks who report every tiny little thing like Chase does.

And just like that, checked again, and they’re now reporting it :joy:


This coincides with the time my Curve card got decline at B&Q at 1434hrs.
I got in touch with Curve and they were quick to reply. They said there was a time out in the chain somewhere but could not specify.
Edit: I used Curve card in store. When it was declined I switched to my Lloyds credit card (Mastercard too) and it went through with no issues.
About 30 minutes later I was at Wilko and Sainsbury’s and paid with Curve with no issues.

They really didn’t pull any punches there.

Curiously HSBC reported it but FD didn’t. The HSBC Mastercard base must be quite small, nearly everything of theirs is VISA bar two premier credit cards. So Kudos for them making a note.

FD on the other hand, which are Mastercard first, not a peep on the channels. Maybe “Roger from Bath” doesn’t go onto “Social media” and therefore wouldn’t have read it anyway.

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