Metro bank app not working from Thursday 6/10/22

The Metro Bank app has been down from yesterday. Same message that they’re working on it is being displayed.
How come no one is talking about it? No one here uses that bank?


Not since 2020 :man_shrugging:

CASSed it out for incentive bonus elsewhere :grin:

I do have an empty savings account with them and have just been able to log into the app to see it’s still £0.00 :rofl:

Perhaps their 2 million customers aren’t at all bothered :laughing:

Bashing Chase for anything regarding outages on their banking systems will be popular at the moment because they are a new player here despite their massive global presence. And of course there will be their haters and loathers out there. If folks think Chase is lacking enough, they’ll move on to some other bank, but not without a fair amount of slagging off publicly before defecting. Personally, I’m sticking with them for the time being.

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I still have a joint one there that we don’t use anymore.

Same here.

I am not bothered by Chase outages. I still use it for some daily spending for the 1% cash back, have some of my savings there. Whenever the outages happen I just use the other banks and life goes on.
I have had outages with Santander, Lloyds, Nationwide, and Halifax before but I am not bothered at all.


Still an ongoing issue, it seems

Looks like it’s more than just their app that’s affected too


The app seems to be working for me at the moment.

I didn’t check it earlier, so it may not have been.

Email just popped in.

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The problem with most banks is their status page only shows current incidents so it’s not easy to look and see how often they have issues and how quickly they resolve them.


I have just called Metro bank, phone answered by a human immediately with no wait, thought it was a bot. I hung up and called again, call answered immediately again. I didn’t expect this, I had prepared to wait for some minutes.